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Free Software Downloads - New Versions 23rd Feb. 201, supporting Windows 10/8/7. Support for the old Windows XP, Vista and 2003 is ended (see the end of this page for old versions).


    •  The Moisture program is available again in two languages, see below.

    • A new program Libconverter for converting the calibration libraries with differing decimal separators. This is very useful if your local decimal separator is different from the library you have received. This program is very easy to use.

    •  We do have separate versions for 32 and 64 bit Windows. The 32 bit versions work fine in 64 bit systems. However, the 64 bit systems offer usually a much wider memory space and are a little more efficient. Otherwise, the two versions are identical. 64 bit versions do not work in 32 bit systems.

Regular software in production

(32 bit Windows 7/8/10 and later):

AK30_V146.zip version for AK30/40

AK30Mini_V146.zip simple version for AK30/40

AK30_FR_V146.zip version for AK30/40, French

AK30Mini_FR_V146.zip  version for AK30/40, French

IRMA7Basic_V591.zip version for AK30/40 and all old models

Atlink_V530.zip terminal program large version (FAST)

AtlinkMini_V530.zip terminal program small version (FAST)

Libconverter_V100.zip for conversion of libraries to a different decimal separator

Licensed Software

Moisture_V146.zip version for AK30/40/50 Get the license for a fee (360EUR), download the package and start using. This is a separate license referring to the following programs. English version.

Moisture_FR_V146.zip version for AK30/40/50 Get the license for a fee (360EUR), download the package and start using. This is a separate license referring to the following programs. French version. Please note our French customers using the old versions not requiring the license: Please inquire for the license file, you will get it free. Contact the nearest representative. French version.

Profiler_V591.zip  a scanner program for AK50/40  licensed Get the license for a fee (955EUR), download the package and start using. The same license applies for Advanced

Advanced_V591.zip   a complete program for managing all sensor products lic

Note: The Profiler and Advanced programs work with the same license, only one license is required for them. The license is permanent and allows lifetime upgrade service from our website.

64-bit Windows 7/8/10 and later:

AK30_V146_64.zip version for AK30/40

AK30Mini_V146_64.zip simple version for AK30/40

AK30_FR_V146_64.zip version for AK30/40, French

AK30Mini_FR_V146_64.zip  version for AK30/40, French

IRMA7Basic_V591_64.zip version for AK30/40 and all old models

Atlink_V530_64.zip terminal program large version (FAST)

AtlinkMini_V530_64.zip terminal program small version (FAST)

Libconverter_V100_64.zip for conversion of libraries to a different decimal separator

Licensed Software

See notes above

Moisture_V146_64.zip version for AK30/40/50 English version.

Moisture_FR_V146_64.zip version for AK30/40/50 French version.

Profiler_V591_64.zip  a scanner program for AK50/40  licensed

Advanced_V591_64.zip   a complete program for managing all sensor products lic


AK30, AK30Mini programs' manual

IRMA7Basic Manual for IRMA7Basic program

Advanced Manual for Advanced program

Additional Information

USB-related problems..

We have a simple and easy step-up program for our software. We publish regularly new versions of each package. To upgrade, follow the simple steps below at the end of this page. All programs operate in Windows 10/8/7 operating systems.

The latest software supports now saving of raw data in Excel format too. All programs are Windows 10 tested. Since the packages seem to grow to such big volumes, it is possible for the customer to inquire a USB stick with all these programs, at a media fee of 25EUR plus postage. The typical package sizes are around 400 MB.

 Note: The published software are built with LabVIEW's latest version 2017 and may in some cases require uninstallation of older versions before you can install the new ones. Removal is done with the Windows Control Panel - Programs if the automatic uninstall is not working. Normally, the installer will remove the old versions.

USB-to RS232 plug Windows Drivers

We have two kinds of RS232-USB modules in delivery: The old unisolated with Microchip MCP2200 chip and the newer galvanically isolated with FTDI chip FT232RL. See the corresponding directions below.

FT232RL - the new isolated converter

The new USB-RS232 converter plug needs a Windows driver to operate properly. The driver has been delivered with the USB stick. If you ever meet difficulties with it, you can download the driver from here.

FT232RL driver installer

You can also check for the latest drivers from this web address: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm

MCP2200 - the unisolated converter

The USB-RS232 converter plug needs a Windows driver to operate properly. The driver is in the USB memory stick already when delivered, needing a separate installation stage. In case you have lost it, download the file below and unzip it. Follow the instruction guide contained in the package to make a successful installation.

Never plug in the USB-RS232 plug before having the driver installed first. That would create an unworkable situation. In that case, open up the Windows Control Panel, Hardware Task or Maintenance page. Remove totally the new USB device. You can identify it by plugging/unplugging it and it will be updated to the list of USB devices. Select remove and remove the device and its driver and then disconnect the USB-RS232. Then, install properly the driver. Only then you can plug in the USB-RS232 converter and after a little while, take it into use as guided.

With Windows 8 you may encounter language problems preventing proper installation. In those cases, please point to the MCHPCDC.INF file with your mouse and right-click over it. Then select the Install option and perform the installation bypassing other stuff. This file is in the X86 folder which is for the regular 32 bit Windows 8 setup. Contact Visilab if your problems persist.

    USB Windows driver       An updated version available (05052016)

Simple guidelines on how to upgrade

Download the ZIP bundle and copy it to your PC. Explode the ZIP file (preferrably with Windows tools)
- Run the setup.exe program. It does have multi-lingual installers. Note that the first-time installation always takes more time than the following installations as the run-time kernels need to be installed too. That calls for restarting-the-PC gymnastics, unfortunately, but only once. If you install several programs made by Visilab and of same generation, only one restart is required.

Please note that the new AK30 uses normally 115200bauds for communications and the old model A meter uses always 9600 bauds but AK40 can be set to either 9600 or 115 200 bauds if the cables allow it working so fast. Before running the program the first time, read the PDF documentation in the package. 

Tips for Windows 10/8/7/Vista Users

To install any of our software to the Windows Vista/7/8/10 operating systems, you absolutely need to have administrator's rights. The installation requires some dialogs to be replied to, nothing complicated.

      - Copy the ZIP file or the contents of the USB memory stick to the hard disk of the Vista running PC. Location is not important at this time.
      - Start installation by running the SETUP.EXE application (belonging to the particular software; do not copy all files of all installation folders to the same folder) by double clicking its name or icon in the folder.
      - Answer all questions (not many) and allow the installer to complete the procedure.

      - You can now launch the program by double-clicking the icon (shortcut). You have to reply to a question or two about the reliability of the program, allow it to operate.
      - For running the Advanced program, do not forget to copy the license.ini file to the expected location to allow it to run. Else it will stop soon after launching informing you that the license is not found. The likely location for the license file is: "c:\program files\advanced".  For the Moisture program, the license file litelicense.ini must be equally available for the program to launch properly.

    E-mail to support@visilab.fi

Windows Support

The current versions of our software support Windows 10/8/7 versions and most likely future versions for a long time to come. However, since the appearance of new Windows versions is out of our control,  we are following the trends to fix any problems from new versions. Therefore, please keep the latest versions of our programs archived for your systems.

Windows Vista / XP / NT4 / 2000 / 98 support

The current versions of our software do not support operating in Windows XP and Vista , NT4, 98 and 2000. For best operation of your system software, upgrade to Windows 7 or later. Therefore, our recommendation is that one either upgrades to Win 7 or he uses the old versions of our software in Win 2000 systems. The Windows XP is out and so is Vista.
If you insist, we can downgrade a particular present software to old operating systems, for a fee. These will NOT be maintained any further.

AK30_V141VistaXP.zip Windows Vista/XP/2003 version for AK30/40

AK30_FR_V141VistaXP.zip Windows Vista/XP/2003 version for AK30/40, French

AK30Mini_V141VistaXP.zip Windows Vista/XP/2003 version for AK30/40

AK30Mini_FR_V141VistaXP.zip Windows Vista/XP/2003 version for AK30/40, French

Advanced_V582VistaXP.zip Windows Vista/XP/2003 version for all sensors

IRMA7Basic_V562VistaXP.zip Windows Vista/XP/2003 version for all sensors

Profiler_V582VistaXP.zip Windows Vista/XP/2003 version for all sensors

LibraryConverter_V591_VistaXP.zip Windows Vista/XP/2003 version for all sensors


- Not for resale -

Copyright © 1985 - 2017 Visilab Signal Technologies. All rights reserved.


Most of our software is free to be used by anyone. The earlier MOISTURE program is a limited edition and not available from Visilab anymore. You can inquire it from www.2ipp.com in France.

The programs Advanced and Profiler are controlled software products and require a license and a license file. The license is a mill-wide permission to use the software. It is a single-time expense with free lifetime upgrades for all software covered by it. In fact, the same license covers all software products available on our web site even in the future, possibly others which are sent over in the form of a CD/USB stick. None of our software is for resale. Visilab Signal Technologies is the sole authority which can sign the licenses and send the actual license files needed to start the programs. The license can not be transferred to any third party. Unauthorised use will be prosecuted.









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