Free Software Downloads - New Versions with LabView 20 kernel, supporting Windows 11+/10/8/7

Short description of data acquisition programs:

    • AK30 is for real-time data acquisition, downloading of memory banks, calibrations, library manipulation, automatic downloading of banks while measuring, graphics, sTatistics, measurement retrieval and display, reporting. AK30Mini is like AK30 but highly simplified for the data acquisition tasks only, reporting and statistics, bundled to the same installer and the same applies to ATOM. ATOM is like AK30Mini but focused on downloading of memory banks. Now also the Moisture program is in the same package. It is like AK30 but extended for continuous measurement tasks. The bundle contains both English and French versions. Targeted for AK40 and AK50 products. The Librarycoverter program is now part of AK30 and Advanced packages

    • Advanced is like AK30 but having lots of extended features and analyses. Now the Profiler is in the same

    • Profiler is like Advanced but specialized on profile measurements in a scanner

    • MK30LP is designed for model MK30LP having a full set of extended features and analyses. The MK30LPSimple is a simplified version for model MK30LP having a small set of features and is bundled to the same installer

32 bit Windows 7/8/10/11 and later

64-bit Windows 7/8/10/11 and later

USB-to RS232 plug Windows Drivers  

FT232RL - the new isolated converter

The new USB-RS232 converter plug needs a Windows driver to operate properly. The driver has been delivered with the USB stick. If you ever meet difficulties with it, you can download the driver from here.

FT232RL driver installer (V2.12.364) valid for Windows 7/8/10/11

You can also check for the latest drivers from this web address:

Simple guidelines on how to upgrade - Download the ZIP bundle and copy it to your PC. Explode the ZIP file (preferrably with Windows tools) - Run the install.exe or setup.exe program, whichever happens to be there. It does have multi-lingual installers. Note that the first-time installation always takes more time than the following installations as the run-time kernels need to be installed too. That calls for restarting-the-PC gymnastics, unfortunately, but only once. If you install several programs made by Visilab and of same generation, only one restart is required.

Please note that the new AK30 uses normally 115200bauds for communications and the old model A meter uses always 9600 bauds but AK40 can be set to either 9600 or 115 200 bauds if the cables allow it working so fast. Before running the program the first time, read the PDF documentation in the package. 

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Windows Support The current versions of our software support Windows 11/10/8/7 versions and most likely future versions for a long time to come. However, since the appearance of new Windows versions is out of our control,  we are following the trends to fix any problems from new versions. Therefore, please keep the latest versions of our programs archived for your systems.

Windows Vista / XP / NT4 / 2000 / 98 support has ended. Contact Visilab if this issue is critical. We can provide you with some older version of our software.

- Not for resale - Copyright © 1985 - 2024 Visilab Signal Technologies. All rights reserved.

SOFTWARE LICENSING POLICY Most of our software is free to be used by anyone. The programs Advanced and Profiler are controlled software products and require a license and a license file. The license is a mill-wide permission to use the software. It is a single-time expense with free lifetime upgrades for all software covered by it. In fact, the same license covers all software products available on our web site even in the future, possibly others which are sent over in the form of a CD/USB stick. None of our software is for resale. Visilab Signal Technologies is the sole authority which can sign the licenses and send the actual license files needed to start the programs. The license can not be transferred to any third party. Unauthorised use will be prosecuted.









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