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Visilab Signal Technologies Oy is a privately owned limited company established in August 1985 and located in Finland. Visilab Signal Technologies Oy is completely independent with no ties nor any obligations to other companies in the field. Visilab Signal Technologies has not received any public funding from Business Finland / TEKES, Sitra, Keksintösäätiö nor from ELY-keskus in Finland nor from any international funding, for R&D or production. It relieves us from reporting to any outside party and we are free to operate in any possible way without any limitations and obligations to any third party.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Visilab has not received any support from the Finnish government in any form whatsoever and will not receive.

Visilab Signal Technologies Oy has been AAA-rated since Oct. 1998 by Dun & Bradstreet Finland. Refer to their web site for more information:

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Trademark information:

Visilab Signal Technologies in Finland is the original and true owner of the name "Visilab" since 1985. The rest of the guys using the same name in their companies and products are unauthorized copiers.

We have currently several hundred customers to many of whom we have sold more than one sensor system or designed various systems in the areas of physical and mathematical research, electronic circuits and software. Our sensor product line covers on-line and portable moisture for paper and board industry. On these web pages, please find a quick look at our line of products and services.

Visilab Signal Technologies is located in Monninkylä, some 70 km's from the center of Helsinki. We are at about 60 minutes' drive from the airport. Contact us to get accurate driving guidance. The addresses are:

 Delivery, mailing and visiting address:

    Visilab Signal Technologies Oy
    Sepäntie 4, Monninkylä
    FI-07230 Askola

    Tel: +358-45-635 4885

     Skype: Visilab_real (not always connected)

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Visilab Signal Technologies has developed a quality control system which is according to ISO9001:2008.

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